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Coming this summer...

Common Ground - photography exhibition.

The Art of Football season sets out to celebrate football and its fans to coincide with the World Cup.

Football is a global passion that connects people from all walks of life.  It is a common thread that can be an important ritual spanning across cultures, religion, gender and race. 

Football is synonymous with Merseyside. It is one of the most profitable cultural attractions that Liverpool has to offer, with a worldwide fan base that make regular pilgrimages to Anfield and Goodison Park.

At the heart of the AoF season is Common Ground – a photography exhibition which seeks to explore the ritualistic behavior of football fan culture and its development from the game of the working class in the 1980s to the riches of the Premier League today.

Captured by three photographers across different decades, the images will offer a unique insight into how the locale has evolved alongside the might of the now multi-million pound football industry and serve as a springboard to discussions about a wider fan culture that encompasses music, fashion and politics.

Tabitha Jussa began photographing and capturing events in the late 00’s, and her photographs encompass the beginning of the KEIOC campaign to keep Everton within the city and the Spirit of Shankly’s fan activism, which did much to make the current owners of Liverpool FC promise to make ticket prices affordable to local fans.   Although Jussa started out as a documentary photographer her interest in fusing together traditional and contemporary approaches to photography has brought about her own distinctive style. An observer’s distance has been adopted, taking in the scene as a whole, resulting in all-encompassing large-scale landscapes.

Tabitha’s work can been seen alongside photographs by Tom Wood and Ken Grant during the World Cup 2018.

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